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JSC "Zebra Telecom" is one of the leading Russian telecom operators providing long-distance communication service in the VOIP technology to private and corporate users in all territory of Russia. Since 2006 "Zebra Telecom" is included into "Rostelecom" group of companies.

"Zebra Telecom" builds its business in the retail, corporate and interoperator markets.

"Zebra Telecom" company provides to private users services in universal communication cards that are on sale and are valid across all Russia. Users of the universal cards of "Zebra Telecom" can favourably call on the VoIP technology to any cities and the countries, using any means of communication: landline or mobile phone, PDA or computer. Today it is the only communication card giving such opportunities.

"Zebra Telecom" company provides the full range of telecommunication services to corporate clients: The Internet telephony (sip telephony), IP-telephony with use of a corporate PIN code, local and intra-zone communication, access to the Internet, connections of direct city numbers and federal numbers in a code 8-800 ("Free call").Possibility to receive all necessary communication services at one operator creates the most comfortable conditions for clients of "Zebra Telecom" company.

"Zebra Telecom" company provides to telecom operators services of rent of communication channels and offers various opportunities of interoperator interaction. On the basis of own communication network having direct connections with networks of all large Russian operators, "Zebra Telecom" renders services of traffic transmission and joining to a large number of operators in Russia.

The company constantly improves quality of services and servicing, using advanced technologies and the best achievements of the largest telecom operators. Thanks to this "Zebra Telecom" offers the clients innovative development and non-standard solutions that allow the companies to solve effectively actual telecommunication problems in a short time.

Now "Zebra Telecom" holds licenses for the provision of communication services of data transmission, telematic services, services for the transmission of voice information in a data network, intra-regional services, local telephony, as well as for the provision of communication channels.

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