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Ways to increase the efficiency of modern Internet services
How integration with VOIP helps modern Internet services to increase the efficiency, Mikhail Gotalsky, the head of service of TrueConf corporate video conference and Sergey Kudrin, the CEO of "Zebra Telecom" company will comment.
Sergey Kudrin comments: "2014: technological panorama"
What events and tendencies of 2014, in your opinion, can be related to the most significant for the industry (in the world and in Russia)?

Firstly, it is the emergence of LTE networks essential for the coverage area, that allows companies to decentralize the office and fully provide the necessary service of remote workers, not only in terms of IT, but also in terms of voice communication.
Contextual advertizing in a telecom
In April of last year "Zebra Telecom" company being a part of "Rostelecom" Group of companies started the project, unusual to the telecommunication sphere, and was engaged in a contextual advertizing.
How was this idea created and what are the results of this idea, our correspondent, Yulia Zyuzina, talks to Sergey Kudrin, the CEO of the company.
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