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  • The company starts providing services in optimization and maintaining advertizing campaigns. New solutions allow to analyze efficiency of a contextual advertizing in a complex.
  • The new version of a portal of "Tet-a-Tel" for connection of federal numbers in a code 800 is started.
  • Complex updating of the main site of the company.


  • " Zebra TelecomЗ" starts the "IP PBX" service with functionality that corresponds to the best Office APS.  
  • The company carried out modernization of a network and traffic transmission and control system. Thanks to the held events, it was succeeded to increase quality of the provided services significantly.


  • Additional service to the service of "Free Call" in a code 800 - the Interactive Voice Response or IVR is developed. Sharing of the interactive voice response with number in a code 800 - the tool for improvement of system of service and improvement of communication between subscribers of "Zebra Telecom" and clients thereof.
  • The company started providing the service of "Web-payphone" allowing subscribers to call on mobile and landline phones worldwide, to use video communication and to exchange instant messages.
  • The new service "Virtual Number" - analog of city telephone number without territorial binding is available to subscribers.  


  • The new service "Online Call" - analog of the hot line in a code 800 ("Free call") is introduced to the market.
  • The free "Z-mobile" mobile application for calls across the Russia and abroad is introduced. Z-mobile - the program uniting all latest technologies of mobile IP-telephony.  


  • The new system of application processing conforming to all international standards valid at creation and improvement of quality management systems of the organizations is implemented. The system optimizes all processes necessary for continued support of IT services high quality and improvement of quality of customer service.
  • Release of the first circulation of the new universal communication card allowing to call in any point of the world from all regions of Russia from mobile and stationary phone, and also for the first time - from the computer. For making calls by the card the SIP protocol is used that provides a reliable and qualitative exchange of a voice traffic.
  • The system of audio conference is created with new communication capabilities for users of communication services.  


  • The universal communication center is put into commercial operation thanks to which sales of cards started to access to services of long distance, international telecommunication and to the Internet in Samara.
  • The main telecom structure is updated and several measures are taken with the purpose to prevent the overloads of a network and the most efficient distribution of traffic streams. As a result quality of a long distance and international telecommunication using universal cards is comparable to a level of quality of landline telephony.
  • JSC "Zebra Telecom" and "AGATE- Russian Technologies" group of companies held the joint conference of "Integration of Telecommunication Services into IP Equipment — New Conclusions and Opportunities for End Users of Communication Services" in Nizhny Novgorod.


  • The new "Internet call" service is introduced allowing to make calls directly from the user's Internet browser.
  • Control and monitoring system of traffic transmission is improved.
  • Service of "Tet-a-tel" - new generation of the "Free Call" service in a code 800 is introduced in the market.


  • The universal communication center in Voronezh, Stavropol is put into operation. According to results of check by supervisory authorities, permission to operation is issued with validity of up to 28.07.2010.
  • Network of the fixed-line intra-zone telephony is constructed and put in operation in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sakha (Yakutia) and Tatarstan.


  • In June, 2006 the Russian national telecom operator of JSC "Rostelecom" got the full equity stake of "Zebra Telecom" company.JSC "Svyazinvest" holding controlled by the State is the largest shareholder of JSC "Rostelecom".
  • "Zebra Telecom" commenced to build its own local, intra-zone networks and data transmission networks in the territory of Russia. Six local networks of the company are put into operation: in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Voronezh and in Stavropol Krai.
  • The universal communication center in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod is put into operation.


  • The company implemented the system of monitoring and analysis of the local telephone traffic passing through the Moscow center of the company. The new system visually displays full information on transmitted traffic in real time, allows to control key performance of the center operation and automatically sends alarms to technicians about emergence of problem situations. Besides monitoring, the system accumulates statistics of calls and makes its complex analytical processing.
  • The system of the internal analysis and budgeting is implemented in the company. This module created by specialists of the company is one of the main units in the system of end-to-end management of "Zebra Telecom".
  • The system of dynamic distribution of a voice traffic in a network of the company is implemented. The new system allowed to use much more efficiently the capacity of the available communication channels, first of all, at high load.


  • The company organized the special escort service of corporate clients that allowed to increase considerably the level of service and to apply an individual approach to each client.
  • The company started to provide telecommunication services for corporate sector in the large cities of Russia.
  • Cisco 7500 core router is put into operation. Its capacities will be used for customer service of the company in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in the federal IP-telephony of "Zebra Telecom", including more than 130 regional partners.


  • The company successfully cooperates with regional partners in all large cities of the country, opens branch inSt. Petersburg that allows to provide high-quality telecommunication services to the companies with the geographically separated structure.


  • "Zebra Telecom" started creation of the federal IP-telephony network that covered all economically active regions of Russia and some neighboring countries.
  • The service of technical support of clients of "Zebra Telecom" began to work in the round-the-clock schedule.


  • Entry into the market of the "Zebra Telecom" Company.
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