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From the moment of its establishment "Zebra Telecom" company always sought for development of a partner network. We are confident that this format of cooperation contributes not only to expand the business, but also to increased experience and knowledge in the field of telecommunications and the development of new solutions in the industry.

Our partners may be:
  • Telecom operators
  • Satellite telecom operators
  • The companies being engaged in sale, control or installation of IT/Telecom equipment
  • Software developers and system integrators
  • Legal entities (including not having licenses for rendering communication services)
  • Site Developers
  • Internet providers

The partner program provides for various schemes of cooperation within the agency contracts, depending on volume of obligations assumed by the partner. We are ready to offer the following cooperation scenarios:

Searching and getting of clients
You are an agent of "Zebra Telecom".This type of cooperation assumes only customer acquisition in the absence of any essential expenses of you. The contract with the client is signed by "Zebra Telecom", money from the client also arrives to us.The agency fee is paid to you from all added payments on monthly results.

Services under your brand
At this type of work we offer rebranding of client applications. Your company directly signs the contract with the client and accepts payments. Integration of billing systems is also required. You pay off with "Zebra Telecom" on monthly results.

Development of joint services and solutions
This type of cooperation assumes, for example, integration of the existing systems and also product joint development and startup.
Advantages of cooperation with "Zebra Telecom":
  • Increase in the income from each client without additional expenses
  • Competitive advantage in the market
  • Possibility to add the existing line of the provided services with actual hi-tech services
  • Provision of the fullest complex of services within one company that will allow your clients to reduce time and financial expenditure considerably.

We give marketing support to our partners and are ready to share experience and knowledge in work with clients. We are sure that joint team work brings much more moral and material satisfaction.

We wait for your proposals! We can do more things together!

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