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Vyacheslav Pogoreltsev
We thank the "Zebra Telecom" Company for opportunity to stay always in touch with our clients.We appreciate opportunity  to answer quickly all questions on use of our service of the Mind video conferencing. During cooperation with "Zebra Telecom" we had no claims to quality of the provided services.
Tamerlan Savlayev
JSC "Central Telegraph" thanks JSC "Zebra Telecom" for mutually beneficial cooperation and successful implementation of joint projects. Our experience of cooperation allows to say that "Zebra Telecom" is the reliable and responsible partner. Collaboration allows us to automate business processes and to solve all problems facing us in the shortest terms. In the future we plan to expand cooperation on projects and joint development of services.
SAVAGE IT direction team
The retail network of fashionable SAVAGE clothes highly appreciates professionality of JSC "Zebra Telecom" team with joint efforts allowed to arrange high-quality telecommunication. There is a wish to note especially that we always reach necessary results in work, and reliable and high-quality telecommunication is one of success components. We are sure that the friendly relations developed between us will promote further development of effective cooperation, and will allow to recommend JSC "Zebra Telecom" as team of professionals.

Dmitry Glukhov
StartMaster Retail network expresses gratitude to the staff of JSC "Zebra Telecom" company for harmonious work during connection and setup of telecommunication, as well as for an individual approach and the solution of all performance targets. The connected services allow us to increase quality of service of our clients and to control work of the personnel. Thanks to work with "Zebra Telecom" company, we manage to optimize costs of telecommunication, therefore we hope for further productive and successful cooperation.
Nikolay Barinov
JSC "Zebra Telecom" is one of the most reliable partners in the field of telecommunication decisions. For the joint period of work we had no complaints regarding the quality of the services rendered to us. Technical specialists always quickly react to the arising questions, and company managers meet halfway and accurately solve performance targets. I can note especially favorable plans and a stable communication quality. Cooperation with the company  meets expectations completely, and we, in turn, reach good results at cooperation with our clients and partners.
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