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Online Call is modern service of Internet communications that allows users of your site to contact you free of charge in one click, without the need for search of contact phone number, regardless of where they are.  

Install the "Call" button on the site and receive calls from clients on any convenient number: landline, mobile, number 8–800 or even on SIP account. The button can have the branded design or you can choose one of 5 specially developed buttons.


Distribution of calls

Depending on the chosen plan, each button can be routed on several telephone numbers. Save time on distribution of calls and give to your clients opportunity of a choice of a call to the necessary department of the company

Full statistics

The convenient tool of monitoring and control allows to receive statistics for any period of work on each element of service: by the placed button, incoming calls and balance write-off. The statistics can be presented in tabular and graphic forms

Geo-targeting and geo-filtration

Essential saving of time on optimization of the incoming calls. Depending on the location of the subscriber the system will automatically offer the connection with the nearest branch of the company. Install filters on calls only from a certain country, region or city

Tone calling and ringtones

Tone calling will allow your clients to be guided quickly and to dial additional internal number of the employee of the company if necessary. As a melody it is possible to install any sound file in the MP3 format

Network safety

Service has several levels of protection to provide complete control and transparency of the provided service. The black list of IP-addresses will help to block undesirable users quickly

Individual design

The memorable button with your unique design will increase loyalty of clients, will emphasize a corporate style of the site and will create effect of presence and care of clients


Key control element
The button is the flash-application to be built in structure of the site and has 5 various states: initial, at hover, connection, end of connection and error of connection. Formation happens automatically and does not demand additional actions

Dynamic settings
We independently carry out settings of a telephony and routing of service, according to requirements of your company. You receive turnkey solution

Private account
Receive full statistics on the placed Internet buttons in a private account of the user. The statistics can be printed, sent to e-mail or be unloaded in the necessary format for processing


For connection of service and on all questions interesting for you contact our manager using number
 +7 (495) 741-00-01 
and experts will make connection in the shortest time 
Reduce costs of communication. Optimize the incoming calls. 
Increase number of communication channels. Increase loyalty of clients.
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